What is ‘All Sustainable’?

ALL SUSTAINABLE is a project created with the aim of empowering PID to be sustainable citizens and contribute as active agents to sustainable development.

To achieve this aim, the main objective of the project is to create a game that can teach the core values of sustainability through the co-design of a sustainability themed game that can indirectly transfer the needed knowledge to the PID.

Besides the main objective, we have defined the next General Objectives (GO).

General Objectives


Create an accessible and innovative Digital Serious Game that incorporates the SGBTM to enhance PID’s learning experience and process.


Conduct pilot training actions to validate the project’s effectiveness in enhancing PID’s sustainability skills and transfer to their independent living projects.


Create accessible Training Materials tailored to PID’s cognitive abilities to transfer knowledge about sustainable development and its application to their independent living projects.


Develop a set of Training Resources for Trainers for enhancing the implementation of the SGBTM and DSG.



Create a Serious Game Based Training Methodology (SGBTM) to improve PID’s sustainability skills and transfer them to their independent living projects in the community.

Involve stakeholders in future training program exploitation.


Raise stakeholder awareness at national and EU level about PID’s potential for sustainable citizenship and using Digital Serious Games for learning.

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